Roxanne J. Persaud

addressing the issues

Creation of a New York State Firearm Violence Research Institute within the State University of New York system, eff. February 6, 2022 (Ch. 595 – 2021).


Establishing the crime of unlawful installation of a gas meter, a class b misdemeanor, to apply to any utility gas meter installed by a person not employed or authorized by a public utility or the Public Service Commission, eff. July 16, 2021 (Ch. 274 – 2021).


Enacts a permanent Enhanced Multi-disciplinary Teams (E-MDT) program within the NYS Office for the Aging to investigate acts of elder fraud and abuse, eff. July 1, 2021 (Ch. 223 – 2021).


Authorization for reimbursement of employment-related transportation expenses of crime victims that sustained physical injuries, eff. April 5, 2021 (Ch. 233 – 2020).

Ensuring Basic Human Dignity

Modernizing many state statutes to incorporate affirming people-first language and replacing the outdated “R” word in referring to people with disabilities (Ch. 477 & 479 – 2022).

Prohibition on performing pelvic exams on unconsenting anesthetized or unconscious persons, eff. April 4, 2020 (Ch. 360 – 2019).

Requirement for a universal informational pamphlet concerning pelvic examinations to be produced by the NYS Department of Health for medical providers to furnish to patients, eff. October 24, 2021 (Ch. 272 – 2021).

Mandate for NYS DCJS to provide feminine hygiene products at no charge to women incarcerated at state correctional facilities, eff. March 7, 2019 (Ch. 392 – 2018).

Provision of unlawful surveillance crime victim compensation, eff. February 17, 2020 (Ch. 179 – 2019).

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Standing up for Survivors and Victims of Domestic Violence

Enacted the “Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act”, eff. May 14, 2019 (Ch. 31 – 2019).

Defined “victim of domestic violence” in the Social Services Law and prohibits employers from discriminating against “victims of domestic violence”, eeff. November 18, 2019 (Ch. 176 – 2019).

Official recognition of status as a victim of domestic violence in the NYS Human Rights Law thus ensuring protections from discrimination afforded to other protected classes, eff. May 13, 2022 (Ch. 202 – 2022).

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Protecting & Lifting Up Vulnerable New Yorkers

Authorization for payment of safety-net assistance-covered childrens’ summer camp fees in the same manner that fees are paid on behalf of TANF-covered children, eff. June 30, 2021 (Ch. 126 – 2021).

Establishing a legal definition of kinship caregiver in the NYS Social Services Law to make more needed services available to families providing foster care to non-biological children, eff. July 16, 2021 (Ch. 246 – 2021).

Expansion of eligibility for re-entering foster care to prevent homelessness, eff. December 22, 2021 (Ch. 798 – 2021).

Requirement for NYS to obtain a USDA waiver to stand up a restaurant hot meals program that will allow certain seniors, people with disabilities and individuals/families experiencing homelessness to use SNAP benefits to purchase hot prepared meals, eff. January 1, 2022 (Ch. 430 – 2021).

Exemption of income earned from participation in the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) from public assistance household budgeting so as not to penalize youth from seeking summer employment and work experience, eff. November 25, 2019 (Ch. 544 – 2019).

Provides for compensation to victims of certain unlawful surveillance crimes even if a physical injury was not sustained, eff. February 17, 2020 (Ch. 179 – 2019).

Addition of financial literacy and elder abuse education & outreach to congregate services for older adults, eff. July 21, 2016 (Ch. 131 – 2016).

Created statutory exemptions for NY 529 college savings accounts, NY Achieving a Better Life Experience (NY ABLE) accounts, and Summer Youth Employment Program income from public assistance income and asset tests (Ch. 323, 329 and 544 of 2019, respectively).


Grants, in perpetuity, a statutory authorization for non-citizen permanent residents to become permanently certified teachers provided they meet all other qualifications
(Ch. 422 – 2019).

Creation of the option on NYS personal income tax forms to donate to the City University Construction Fund (Ch. 423 – 2018).

Safeguarding Affordable Housing

Requirement for NYS DHCR to include in it’s annual Mitchell-Lama program report, information on the voluntary dissolution of a limited-profit housing company in the previous calendar year as well as any limited-profit housing company that has filed a notice of intent to dissolve in the current calendar year (Ch. 539 – 2019).

Caribbean Heritage

Creation of distinctive “West Indian-American Day Carnival” license plates (Ch. 124 – 2018).

Protecting Consumers

Deeming the unlawful use of an electronic signature as criminal impersonation in the second degree, eff. December 22, 2021 (Ch. 739 – 2021).

Requirement that the NYS DMV website include information on and a link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall search tool (Ch. 338 – 2019).

Requiring disclosure of ingredients on menstrual product packaging (Ch. 362 – 2019).

Helping Small Businesses Stay Open During COVID-19

Authorization of outdoor dining and beverage sales in municipal spaces until 2025 (Ch. 238 – 2021, Ch. 277 – 2022).

Prohibition of COVID-19-related negative experience rating charges in employers’ unemployment insurance premiums, (Ch. 21 – 2021).

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