Senator Persaud at Senate Desk

Ensuring Basic Human Dignity

Prohibition on performing pelvic exams on unconsenting anesthetized or unconscious persons, eff. April 4, 2020 (Ch. 360 – 2019).

Mandate for NYS DCJS to provide feminine hygiene products at no charge to women incarcerated at state correctional facilities (Ch. 392 – 2018).

Standing up for Survivors and Victims of Domestic Violence

Enacted the “Domestic Violence Survivors Justice Act” (Ch. 31 – 2019).

Defined “victim of domestic violence” in the Social Services Law and prohibits employers from discriminating against “victims of domestic violence” (Ch. 176-2019).

Protecting & Lifting Up Vulnerable New Yorkers

Provides for compensation to victims of certain unlawful surveillance crimes even if a physical injury was not sustained (Ch. 179 – 2019).

Addition of financial literacy and elder abuse education & outreach to congregate services for older adults (Ch. 131 – 2016).

Created statutory exemptions for NY 529 college savings accounts, NY Achieving a Better Life Experience (NY ABLE) accounts, and Summer Youth Employment Program income from public assistance income and asset tests (Chapters 323, 329 and 544 of 2019, respectively).


Grants, in perpetuity, a statutory authorization for non-citizen permanent residents to become permanently certified teachers provided they meet all other qualifications
(Ch. 422 – 2019).

Creation of the option on NYS personal income tax forms to donate to the City University Construction Fund (Ch. 423 – 2018).

Safeguarding Affordable Housing

Requirement for NYS DHCR to include in it’s annual Mitchell-Lama program report, information on the voluntary dissolution of a limited-profit housing company in the previous calendar year as well as any limited-profit housing company that has filed a notice of intent to dissolve in the current calendar year (Ch. 539 – 2019).

Caribbean Heritage

Creation of distinctive “West Indian-American Day Carnival” license plates (Ch. 124 – 2018).

Protecting Consumers

Requirement that the NYS DMV website include information on and a link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s recall search tool (Ch. 338 – 2019).

Requiring disclosure of ingredients on menstrual product packaging (Ch. 362 – 2019).